OUR CARIBBEAN WEDDING CAKE GALLERY IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION AS WE ARE ADDING MORE CAKE IMAGES. HOWEVER, FEEL FREE TO BROWSE WHAT IS AVAILABLE. YOU CAN CHOOSE ONE OF OUR MANY WEDDING CAKE DESIGNS OR HAVE  YOUR OWN DESIGN. ​Brides experience the Caribbean Rum Cake Wedding Cake decorated with almond paste or rolled fondant. Traditionally; you can keep either the top tier or the second tier for your first anniversary or the birth of your first child. When the wedding cake is shipped out of Winnipeg, you can have it decorated at your local bakery in your city.

Calypso Slices will like the opportunity to provide your dainty trays for your wedding socials, showers, weddings and any other social occasion you plan.

Calypso Slices "Caribbean Rum Cake wedding cake decorated" Vs. "Jamaican Black Great Fruit Rum Cake wedding cake decorated"

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