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Calypso Slices Product line begins with the traditional Caribbean Rum Cake: the fruit is processed from fresh, quality ingredients and marinated in a mixture of rum and wine. This process brings out all of the natural flavours when the cake is slowly baked. The cake is drizzled with liquor; this moist, delicious cake is then ready for packaging. In the Caribbean this cake is commonly called: Great Cake, Black Cake or Jamaican Rum Cake. This unique cake is excellent for all occasions whether it is decorated with Fondant and/or Royal Icing or undecorated. Weddings, parties, and other social gatherings are where this amazing cake is served. This treat is A UNIQUE GIFT FOR A SPECIAL SOMEONE. This recipe is my great grandmothers’ from Barbados where I am from originally. This treat contains “no nuts” but is baked in a facility where nuts are used.

This moist cake requires no refrigeration or freezing; the rum is the only preservative which gives it a 6 months plus shelf life. This gift packaged and nestled in a beautiful, reusable, wooden crate. After opening the inner package of the cake; make sure to keep the cake tightly wrapped to maintain the moisture level and store in a dry place. Should the cake become a little dry, just drizzle with rum or your favorite wine to add moisture.

For a “Caribbean experience” purchase Calypso Slices authentic, specialty rum cake for your gift-giving solutions, corporate gifts, and theme settings or just for you to enjoy. Be daring have a “slice” with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, fresh fruit topped with whipping cream or with your favorite sauce. As this “yummy” cake is rich only a small serving is desired. This cake is sold in the Caribbean throughout the year and so is Calypso Slices "Caribbean Rum Cake" Vs. "Jamaican Black Great Fruit Rum Cake" .
You don’t have to travel to the Caribbean to enjoy Caribbean Rum Cake; it is right here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Our gift-packages are 454g / 1 lb, 907g / 2 lbs, our snack bar 80g / 2.8 oz. This bar is a great treat at coffee time, a wonderful complement in a gift basket, use for fundraising needs, a great stocking stuffer or a wedding favour.Purchase the Caribbean Rum Cake TODAY!


Calypso Slices "Caribbean Rum Cake wedding cake decorated" Vs. "Jamaican Black Great Fruit Rum Cake wedding cake decorated"



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Choose one of these delicious, moist and flavourful  Caribbean Rum Cakes for any celebration. Cakes are packaged in reusable crates.

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